My Pregnancy Nutrition

As many of you know, I am pregnant!  I’ve really only written one other post on here and it was our announcement post :-).  This experience so far, at 11 weeks and 5 days has been a rollercoaster.  I have gone from feeling nauseous 24/7 and not wanting to eat a thing to now just feeling exhausted and starving all the time.  The good news is my cravings for queso have subsided slightly (although, I don’t think I will ever turn down some queso) and now I’m wanting more veggies.  For instance, all I have been wanting this week is a HUGE Greek salad with chicken, kalamata olives, red onion, avocado etc.  Sounds SOOOO delish.  Oh wait, I had one at the airport a few weeks ago and it was amazing!

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 2.47.03 PM

When I initially found out I was pregnant I had pretty lofty goals, to the point where I was swearing that I would stay strict to my regimen no matter what my cravings were.  I had every intention of not giving in and then the nausea hit… that point, I was just needing to feed myself with whatever I felt like I could keep down and that meant NO veggies….unless they were in queso of course.  Now that the nausea has subsided I have been eating my Dolce Diet Breakfast bowl (the FULL serving because I need the calories), lean proteins, with a healthy carb (quinoa, brown rice, potatoes…etc.) and a veggie for lunch and pretty much the same thing for dinner.  My snacks are generally fruits, nuts and avocados right now.

Yesterday, my diet “plans” were turned around a bit after meeting with our Dr. While I’m not under eating or anything (I’m hitting somewhere around 1800-2100 calories depending on activity and if we eat out etc.) but what she brought to mind was that I need to be eating a high fat, moderate protein and lower carb diet right now so this baby can get ALL the fats to contribute to its development.

What are the benefits of fat during pregnancy?

First and foremost, let me start by saying that I am not a MD, RD or anything other than a pregnant momma just doing all the research to make sure this baby gets well taken care of. Now that is out the way, fats have been proven to be a huge contributing factor to the baby’s brain and eye development before and after birth and also help the placenta and other tissues grow.

The two fats that I’m really focusing on increasing in my diet are the monounsaturated fatty acids and the poly unsaturated fatty acids.

Monounsaturated fatty acids can be found in products such as: olive oil, avocado oil, peanut oil, olives, avocados, nuts and nut butters.  These are considered “good” fats because they have been proven to help lower cholesterol.

Polyunsaturated fats: These fats are incredibly important to get in your diet due to the DHA and ALA (Omega-3 fats) and the Omega-6’s.  These can be found in cold water fish, flax-seed oil, walnuts, Sunflower and fish (obviously choosing your fish with a lower mercury content).

Saturated Fats: These typically are seen as the “bad fats” but some of the items that have actually been proven to be incredibly beneficial for people are things like grass-fed butter, Coconut oil, whole eggs, raw whole milk, raw cheeses etc.  Disclaimer: I am not eating any “raw” foods right now as there is a risk to getting various bacterial infections that have caused miscarriages…aka, I’ll eat the feta cheese in 6 months lol.

One thing to keep in mind is that not everything is created equal.  So even though you are eating butter, if it is not a grass-fed butter such as Kerrygold, you are more than likely not reaping the actual benefits of adding butter into your diet.  Just like everything else I do, I am constantly reading labels, making sure to stay away from anything that is synthetic, contains additives and other fillers that do not contribute to this baby and myself.

So, what does my diet look like now?  Well, the new high fat, moderate protein and lower carb thing is new to me as I generally prefer a higher card, moderate protein and lower fat diet. Here is a pretend list that I have created for next week using some of my favorite recipes from my favorite bloggers:


2-3 scrambled eggs




sprinkle of cheese (not sure what kind yet)

**You can also turn this into egg muffins or mini frittata**

Mid Morning Snack (if needed):


celery sticks

2 tbsp almond butter


Smoked Chicken Salad

Bed of greens

Greek Salad Dressing

Mid Afternoon Snack (if needed):

Kale Pesto

Sliced zucchini


Cabbage Lasagna

with a side salad or roasted veg

I’m so excited to continue sharing this crazy journey with each and every one of you!


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