Who Am I?

I’m sure you are all wondering the following:

  1. Who is SalahSays?
  2. Why are you blogging?

My name is Salah Gibbons and I am an almost thirty year old who loves being involved in the health and fitness community.  I am married to the most amazing man a woman could ask for:


AND I have the most amazing dog, Jigsy, he will melt your heart…I promise.


The hubs and I are working on building our human family right now, and I am learning more and more as I go along! Trying to get pregnant is a lot more difficult than I thought.

Being a former athlete, I found passion in staying healthy through nutrition and fitness and luckily get to share that with others through coaching at CrossFit South Lamar here in Austin, Texas as well as through my position at Onnit. I love keeping my foods colorful, vibrant and constantly changing!



Why did I start blogging? One key thing about me is the fact that both myself and the hubs have Celiacs disease.  Together, we have gotten creative with how we eat, where we eat and the many ways we take care of our bodies!  This blog will serve as my outlet to share all my discoveries, failures and everything in between with each of you!

I hope you continue to follow this blog and find inspiration through these various recipes, workouts and information!




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