Big Announcement!

Well, if you have been listening to The Trillest Podcast, you may have heard that the Gibbz family has been working on bringing on a human child…..and that is what we have done!  I am pregnant :-)!  This is a very scary but exciting time.  I know you are never fully “prepared” for anything like this, BUT we are so thankful to have this opportunity to be parents and love this child unconditionally!

I’m not blind, so I know it won’t be easy but both the Mr. and I enjoy a good challenge :-).

What I eat now not only impacts my body and how I function but also our little peanut one.  This is a HUGE responsibility and NOT something I’m taking lightly.  There is so much research out there showing the connection between sugar intake during pregnancy and your child’s chances of being diagnosed with ADHD as well as other factors that I have to take into consideration such as diabetes (on both ends…gestational and diabetes for the child). Thankfully, I don’t eat a TON of sugar, it is still something I want to be conscious of.

Sugar isn’t the only bandit here though, I am also staying far far away from caffeine, alcohol, and supplements outside of my Prenatal, Vitamin D and fish oil.  These are all “common sense” but still something you have to think about when pregnant.

So what AM I eating?  Well, to be perfectly honest food in general sounds pretty gross to me right now.  I’m not really craving anything, except a random slice of pizza or some mac n cheese but those are not things that I have easy access to so its easy to stay away.  I am eating lots of avocado,toast, chicken, burger patties (homemade), fruit and veggies.  Sometimes there is a random brown rice tortilla with some kerrygold grass fed butter.  My favorite food, peanut butter (besides pizza), is absolutely disgusting right now so that is definitely something I’m staying away from for the moment as well as raisins. No way Jose.

Anyway, I really just wanted to share the good news with this post and leave the informative and fun pregnancy posts for later.  I am so excited to share this crazy journey with each of you!



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