Trip Down Memory Lane with Pizza

I’m not sure about you, but I LOVE pizza.   It is my favorite food outside of ice cream in the whole world.  There are endless options and it contains everything you need to feel incredibly comforted….bread, cheese, sweetness from the sauce….you really can’t go wrong!


Last summer Brett and I took a trip to Maui with our good friends Taylor and Talon and ate at a place called Flatbread Company.  They grill their pizzas and everything is made from scratch as well as local ingredients.  It was by far, one of the most amazing pizza’s I’ve ever eaten.  We ALL loved it so much we ate there twice!  Ever since, I have been dreaming about this pie but have wondered how I can make it slightly healthier.  Then, I found Ottos Cassava flour and that has changed my world!

We took some yummy local cheeses, I made a homemade Mango BBQ Sauce, sliced organic red pepper, chopped organic pineapple, pulled pork from Whole Foods and I made the crust from the cassava flour.  This was so good and so easy!  You can easily make this into a more traditional pizza or even do a fun Mexican or breakfast pizza with it!


Serves:  2       Prep Time:  30min        Cook Time:   30min-45min      Total Time: 1 Hr, 15min


Used Mommypotamus’s recipe for cassava flour crust

Mango BBQ Sauce: 

Used Joyful Healthy Eats Recipe but I substituted the 1/2 cup of brown sugar for a 1/2 cup of coconut sugar.


Parmesan Cheese

Mozarella Cheese

Goat Cheese

Thinly Slice Red Onion

Pulled Pork (we got ours from the Whole Foods hot bar)

Fresh, Organic chopped Pineapple


Prepare and cook the mango BBQ sauce and let it cool.

While BBQ sauce is cooling, prepare and cook the pizza crust according to the instructions from the Mommypotamus recipe.

Top the crust with all ingredients and broil until cheese has browned!

That’s it, and we thought for a second we were back in Hawaii….then the Texas heat hit lol.



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