Pregnancy Progression Update

It has been a while but I’m really trying to focus on being consistent with writing and documenting my pregnancy experience.

So far everything has been great for the most part!  I haven’t been sick or experienced any of the “normal” pains such as sciatic pain, dizziness etc. in the second trimester.  All of my workouts have stayed the same with some modifications like sprawls instead of burpees, walking instead of running etc. Food wise, I have noticed that milk products are 100% not something that sits well with me.  I just spent a week in Vegas for work and had cheese a few times and both times my belly was incredibly unhappy.  Outside of that, Brett and I have transitioned to more of a plant based diet with high quality seafood and meats (i.e. the venison that he kills etc.) and that change has been really positive for me.

One thing I have really struggled with the entire pregnancy is digestive health.  No one warned me that when you are pregnant, some women have a difficult time with digestive health and needless to say it has made for some uncomfortable times.  With the addition of a more plant based diet, I will say that has had a very positive impact on my digestion.

To keep this post nice and short, I’ve included a few pics of my progression.  Please excuse my inability to take cute selfies.  All of these pictures were taken early in the morning and hey, I’m pregnant so I do what I want….lol.

  • 8 Weeks Pregnant (some belly forming, feels like I’m just incredibly bloated)


  • First baby pic…@8 weeks
  • 10 Weeks, still feel bloated and thats about it


  • This is somewhere around 14-16 weeks, belly is definitely starting to get bigger but still more bloated than anything
  • 20 weeks and the belly is officially here!


  • 22-23 Weeks and what a difference a few weeks makes! Lot’s of kicking and wiggling is happening now!

This has been the most incredible and uncomfortable journey all at the same time :-).  I’m so excited to meet this little girl and just love on her so much!

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