Part 1: Joshua Weissman of Slim Palate: Episode #39: The Trillest Podcast

In this episode of The Trillest Podcast, Salah and Taylor sit down with Joshua Weissman. Joshua is nothing short of inspirational, and I think that’s why it took two episodes to get his whole story! Stay tuned for Part 2 next week. In Part 1 Joshua walks us through his incredible weight loss journey, which started at a super young age (15!). You’ll have to tune in to hear how a kid his age lost 100lbs, started a blog, landed a book deal and somehow his head did not explode. This episode concludes as Joshua begins to dive into a different way of looking at food and eating. Listen back next week to hear how he comes full circle in his quest for a balanced, healthy life. Not kidding, we could have talked to this guy for days, and you’re going to love him. Tune in, keep it trill, guys!

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