Keeping it Trill – Salah’s Labor Story

On December 14th, Brett and I went to the hospital to get induced.  We were prepared to take Cytotec, essentially just a prostaglandin that helps soften the uterus, and get one final good night sleep and then in the morning the Dr. comes in, breaks my water and hopefully a baby comes mid-afternoon early evening.  However, that was not the case.  Earlier that day my mucous plug came out in the middle of a conference call (lol TMI?) and then contractions started but I wasn’t aware that what I was experiencing were contractions.  It felt like back spasms and really terrible menstrual cramps.  So I called the Dr. and they said to wait to come in till the evening so I sat at home trying to figure out how to ease my back pain until my parents came in and Brett got home.  Then we went to eat our last dinner and headed to the hospital.

When we got there, we checked in, got settled in our room and I took my first dose of Cytotec and that’s when things really got crazy.  About an hour after taking my first dose contractions started happening and there was literally no break.  It was the worst back pain, pelvic pain and honestly it didn’t feel like my uterus was contracting but it made me so sick to my stomach.  I tried laying down, standing up and swaying my hips, sitting on a birthing ball etc. and could not get find a position that helped ease some of the pain so I could breathe. After trying to breathe through it all and staying on the verge of throwing up everywhere we decided to go ahead and take some Fentanyl to help manage my pain.  Since I still wasn’t dilated enough I couldn’t get an epidural so this was my only option for pain management.  My first dose I was dilated around 1cm and within the next hour to two hours, I was dilated to about 3cm and took the second dose. My legs almost gave out on me multiple times while I was standing up trying to breathe.  Once the Fentanyl set in, Brett pulled out the Uno cards and we played cards for a good majority of the evening in between contractions.  After being checked on multiple times, I was finally dilated enough to get an epidural which I went ahead and said YES to. This was approximately 5am at this time and this was by far the best decision I made.

We did the lowest dose possible so I was still able to move my legs, toes etc. and could feel pressure but the pain that was making my legs buckle was eased.  I finally got to sleep for about 1.5 hours and then it was go time!  The nurse came in to check on me about 2 hours after the epidural and I was dilated at 9cm and she said, let’s have a baby by 9am!  Brett and I looked at each other and said, “here we go!”. She was right, by around 8:50am The dr. came and everything was getting set up and by 9:02am, our little baby Maggie was in my arms.

The nurses said I was in “active” labor for about 5 hours and then my total pushing time was around 5minutes or so.  Even though I had an epidural, I didn’t increase my dose at all as I still wanted to be present during labor and be able to “feel” what was happening but I also wanted to be able to enjoy the labor and not just completely exhaust myself to the point where I’m miserable.

Every woman is different, but looking back at everything, I would not change a thing.  I now get to hold this amazing baby girl every single day and it makes me so happy.


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