Overcoming an Eating Disorder with Megan Knight: Episode #64: The Trillest Podcast

IMG_2700Today we’re chatting with Megan Knight! Megan is a fitness instructor in the Austin area, kicking asses weekly at Love Cycling Studio and Knockout Austin. She walks us through her journey into the fitness industry, gives us the inside scoop on what life as a fitness instructor looks like and how she creates those bomb ass playlist. Most importantly, she opens up about her eating disorder journey. We were SO inspired by her vulnerability and willingness to be #trill in regards to her past and current struggles. We know you are going to love this gal, go download now!

Follow Megan on IG: @megan_the_knight

Book a class with Megan:
www.lovecyclingstudio.com & www.knockoutaustin.com

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Check out this episode!

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