About Taylor + Salah


Meet Salah

Hi, I’m Salah! I’m a 30-something-year-old Lubbock native now living in Austin with my husband Brett, daughter Maggie, dog-child Jigsy and soon to be baby number 2 (ah!).  I work at Onnit Labs full time and love what I get to do there. I spend as much as my free time as possible hiking around the city with the family, mall walking, working out wherever I feel like for that day and wine tasting whenever possible out in Fredericksburg. 

I’ve always been a very active child and luckily had the opportunity to play volleyball in college and then eventually found my way into the competitive CrossFit circuit and now, while I still like to compete, I have taken a step back and am focusing on just taking care of my body so I can be functional to keep up with these kiddos.  As a family, we have big goals to stay super active and eat well which inspires our continued desire to research and talk about all things health!

I’m stoked to have this podcast with my best friend and talk about the real-life things that we have going on whether it is fun and exciting or something that is a struggle…hopefully, we provide a platform that lets every listener know that they are appreciated and special…because YOU ARE!

Meet Taylor

Hi! I’m Taylor (the one that is clearly from Alabama if you’ve listened to the podcast:)). I now live in Austin, Texas with my husband, Talon, and our old but very active Australian Shephard, Tillie. I work as a project manager for a large software company during the day and I occasionally coach an early morning CrossFit class. Our weekends are filled with travel, eating tacos, scoping out new restaurants and exploring our wonderful city (seriously, it’s the best! everyone come visit!).

I have a deep love for being active (just ask my husband, I have zero chill), whether that be walking the dog, mountain biking, hiking or rafting. I love it and thrive on it. I’ve been all over the map when it comes to fitness. There have been times where I was running 80 miles a week, times when you couldn’t pull me out of the CrossFit box and then there’s now – I’m working out and eating well to be prepared to do the things I love outside the gym. I want to be able to take that hike, raft that river or go on that run.

I’m striving to learn my body and what it needs. This is an ever-evolving journey that we believe many people are on. I’m hoping this podcast lets you know that you are not alone in those daily struggles to find a balance in your own health and fitness journey. Oh, and I hope we make you laugh sometimes too!

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